Teaching Assistant

Previously taught courses

Advanced Mathematics for Economic Analysis
  • MSc level, core curriculum
  • Instructor: Mark Voorneveld
  • Topics: vector spaces, metric spaces (topology, sequences, limits), convexity of sets and functions, static and dynamic optimisation
Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis
  • MSc level, elective
  • Instructor: Kelly Ragan
  • Topics: introduction to MATLAB (interpolation, dynamic programming, computing steady states in general equilibrium models)
Makroteori och ekonomisk-politisk analys
  • BSc level, core curriculum (in Swedish)
  • Instructor: David Domeij
  • Topics: introductory course covering Chad Jones’s Macroeconomics textbook
International Economics
  • BSc level, core curriculum
  • Instructor: Paul Segerstrom
  • Topics: introductory course covering Krugman, Obstfeld and Melitz’s International Trade: Theory and Policy textbook